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Due to a difference of opinions, I have left the Naruto Icons community. I will however continue to post and credit to the best of my ability icons and the like here. If you like my icons (and you know you do XD) and would like to continue requesting them or other spiffy things, come see me here! You can add myself or this journal to your friends list and I'll even add you back. I love doing things for people and I love taking requests. I'm glad I have taken this step. I feel a lot better now like I just pulled a boulder off of my chest. =P I love you all dearly and I love that you seem to love the work I do with repairing, creating, etc of icons and other materials.

Please enjoy your visits ^_^

And just as a little joke between me and a special person in my life, I give him all the credit for helping me put together this post. He has a wonderful way with words and I love him dearly. If you use any of the words in this post please CREDIT me and fiasro =P


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