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If you would like to make a request for an icon, FO Banner, Personal Banner for your userinfo, or a color bar please leave the request here. I will only work with the fandoms mentioned in the list below. Sorry, I lose heart when I work with fandoms I'm not interested in. ^^" Please, no yaoi or yuri. Most of those end up breaking my brain.

I can also make personal icons. Like ones of yourself, pets, and family if you want to request something like that. I also work with scenery and plain text icons.

I'm sorry but I can't take fanart requests any more unless you are requesting from my own art. There is too much drama behind them that I have not the nerves to deal with. It's best to just leave them alone. ^_^

Be specific in your resquest and use the following form...

Your LJ ID:
Anything else?:

So get to requesting on this post and then be looking for your request to appear in the next icon post. ^_^

--Atelier Iris
--Dir en Grey
--Malice Mizer
--D'espairs Ray
--Final Fantasy
--Full Metal Alchemist
--Samurai 7
--Star Wars
--Star Ocean 3
--Cryptic Vision ( delphian_dream )
--Sanguem Deus ( sanguem_deus )

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